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Chained CPI Petition


Petition to the Leadership of the 113th Congress of the United States:

NO to Social Security Cuts


The Social Security COLA has averaged just over 2% over the past five years with 0% for two of those years, far below the largest spending increase seniors’ face, which is spending on health care.


Incredibly, Congress is considering a COLA cut.  A new formula – the Chained CPI -- proposed by President Obama would cut benefits to seniors, veterans and the disabled and their families. 


The Chained CPI also shackles our economy by cutting $31 billion in economic output and more than 200,000 jobs nationwide.


The Chained CPI is bad for America’s seniors, veterans, the disabled and their families while also threatening our already fragile economy.


Say NO to the Chained CPI

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National Committee to Preserve Social Security & Medicare
10 G Street NE Suite 600 Washington DC 20002